Sophie Kinsella and RNA Winter Party

Oopsie daisy. I’ve been neglecting you all and haven’t updated the blog for eons. In my defence, I’ve been super busy, pulling together book 3 and working with THE most wonderful literary agent on the planet, Louise Buckley, to amp up the drama, iron out the creases and make it the very best it can be. As soon as I can pass on more details, rest assured my lovelies, I will.

Having been stuck at the keyboard for weeks, it was lovely to head down to London this Thursday to hear Sophie Kinsella talking about her books, her publishing journey, her writing regime and the recent filming of “Can You Keep a Secret” – my favourite of her many wonderful books. I’m so looking forward to seeing it hit the cinemas.

At the end of her brilliant talk, I got the opportunity to meet Madeline (her real name) and waft my extraordinarily large sleeves at her. I did a lot of fangirl gushing but she was polite and friendly. I rather suspect she’s used to it.

After a couple of drinks in the bar catching up with writer chums (particularly Rae Cowie, Sue Lovett, Sarah Shoesmith, Daisy James and Kate Smith) the assembled herd of RNA authors headed to the RNA Winter Party – which every year is combined with their Industry Awards. This is the RNA’s thank you to the publishers, agents and readers who support and cherish romance authors. I was particularly delighted to see Anne Williams ( ) – a phenomenal book blogger and exceptionally lovely lady – win the Media Star Award, and Charlotte Ledger (@girl_on_a_ledge – editorial director of OneMoreChapter HC) win publisher of the year. (Slightly biased here as that’s my publisher and she has been enormously kind to me. You don’t forget these things.)

So celebrating with old friends and new (Diane Saxon) I whiled away a pleasant evening, supped wine and partook of a particularly splendid buffet. And looking about the magnificent room, filled with lovers and writers of romance, I truly felt at home.

Jenni x

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