Q and A with Author Jenni Keer

Here’s a fab Q&A I did with the lovely Fiona Jenkins ♥️

Inspired by my PMDD

1. When writing a book, do you have set times, snacks and places you choose to write?

I try to write most days, including the weekends, and share a virtual office with author pal, Clare Marchant. This makes us both accountable and ensures we check in and discuss our targets for the day. We joke about our long commute, and the fictional Margaret from accounts, who is always stealing the virtual biscuits, and are there for each other when we encounter the daily highs and lows of being an author. During lockdown, it often appeared that we were sharing the same bed, which made us giggle.

I try to write from about 8.30 until 4, but this is around part time work and caring for my elderly mum. I have my own desk but I can write anywhere, wearing anything (referencing my lockdown pyjamas), and am usually okay with background…

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