What a way to kick off a Sunday with my review of The Secrets of Hawthorn Place by Jenni Keer

Absolutely love this review!!!!

Love the Smell of a Book

My Review

What a gorgeous story, this is now my new favourite from this superb author and I have already been recommending it to friends. My attention was instantly capture from when we first met temperamental Molly and I was totally absorbed in the story to the very last page. A story full of love, hope and forgiveness spanning from late 1800’s to present day.

When Molly arrives at her Grandad’s as broken and temperamental as him she has no idea of the magic that is at her finger tips and how the history of Hawthorn Place combined with her discovery will totally change her outlook on life. With three stories taking place within the one story, I was initially worried that I would lose my way, however it is so well written that it flows effortlessly. Molly was a character that I found both frustrating, yet I also empathised…

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