Lucy Baker Shortlisting

A quick newsy-type update as I skip around the living room, to say that The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker has been shortlisted for the Katie Fforde Debut Romantic Novel Award in next month's annual RONAs. To say I'm delighted would be an understatement. When I look at all the other nominees in the … Continue reading Lucy Baker Shortlisting

A Year Ago Today…

January 10th 2019.My husband's birthday. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, publication day for The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker. *Happy dance* It was a truly memorable day, with various gifts and bouquets of flowers arriving non-stop at our front door - and not one of them for my poor husband. Two days later, I held an … Continue reading A Year Ago Today…

Sophie Kinsella and RNA Winter Party

Oopsie daisy. I've been neglecting you all and haven't updated the blog for eons. In my defence, I've been super busy, pulling together book 3 and working with THE most wonderful literary agent on the planet, Louise Buckley, to amp up the drama, iron out the creases and make it the very best it can … Continue reading Sophie Kinsella and RNA Winter Party

‘Victory For The East End Angels’ by Rosie Hendry

Publication day for a very special friend of mine.
Congratulations Rosie. An excellent series.


Victory for the East End Angels by [Hendry, Rosie]Synopsis

The war is almost over – and it’s up to the East End Angels to keep the home fires burning!

Frankie‘s fiance, a doctor, is away looking after the troops in Europe – will he return safely home?

Winnie has a happy secret – but can she carry on at Station 75 when she’s going to have a baby?

Bella is intrigued by her new friend, a Polish airman.

As the war ends and victory is in sight, what next for the girls of Station 75?

My Review

I have had the distinct pleasure of reading and reviewing the whole of the East End Angels series.  I have loved each and every book in the series.  The last book in the series is ‘Victory For The East End Angels’ and it is due for release on 25th July 2019.  I was lucky to have sight of an early…

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A Shout Out to all the Book Bloggers IN THE WORLD!

Book bloggers are the best people on the entire planet. *fact* This incredible group of people give up their spare time to read and review a myriad of books (which, considering it takes several hours to read a book, is a phenomenal undertaking) AND THEY DO IT ALL FOR FREE! I, for one, am in … Continue reading A Shout Out to all the Book Bloggers IN THE WORLD!