A Shout Out to all the Book Bloggers IN THE WORLD!

Book bloggers are the best people on the entire planet. *fact*

This incredible group of people give up their spare time to read and review a myriad of books (which, considering it takes several hours to read a book, is a phenomenal undertaking) AND THEY DO IT ALL FOR FREE!

I, for one, am in awe, partly because I’m a slow reader, but also because I know how long it takes to write even a short piece about a book. So this service must NEVER be taken for granted. If their review is late (because real life happens to all of us) or they don’t enjoy my novel, then I am still grateful that they have signed up in the first place. And (constructive) criticism is a good thing. I embrace the three stars, even if I was secretly hope for five, because I am still learning, and who better to help me improve than my readers.

So I hope all authors, like me, worship at the feet of this splendid group of selfless people. Don’t huff if they are late with their review, instead try to remember that time you were late with a deadline and your editor was understanding. Don’t cry at the less than positive reviews, think of them as advice and learn from them. AND ALWAYS THANK EVERY ONE WHO TAKES PART.

This week, my second book baby was published. The Unlikely Life of Maisie Meadows (available here http://bit.ly/TheUnlikelyLife) and I have been bowled over by the generosity of the book bloggers who signed up for my blog tour. Social media went banonkers (bananas/bonkers) on Monday. My bottom hardly left the sofa all day. Reviews, recommendations and retweets gushed in and left me swamped (but happy). So the biggest, shiniest, neon-flashing THANK YOU to each and every single one of these fabulous ladies…

Blog tour organised by the incredible Rachel Gilby http://www.rachelrandomresources.com

Catch you all soon. Got book three to write…


19 thoughts on “A Shout Out to all the Book Bloggers IN THE WORLD!

  1. Aww a lovely post. I haven’t yet read this book, but it is on my radar, I will definitely be reading it sooner rather than later. Congratulations on publication of your second book 🎉💐 my Twitter feed has been filled with lovely lilac/purpleness in recent days 😊

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    1. I didn’t manage to do your tour because of life getting in the way of reading 😓 but it was a pleasure working for you in the past and made me smile that bloggers are appreciated by authors like yourself. 💕 Thank you x


    1. Why would you not appreciate people who read and review your books? And it would be foolish to think everyone will love what you write. Embrace the 3 stars and listen to what they say. They read a LOT of books and know their stuff. Learn from your audience x

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      1. I agree with you totally, and I also don’t understand why some authors don’t appreciate bloggers. Maybe they’re just snobs and only want 5 star reviews in the New York Times or the Guardian?

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  2. This is fantastic. Thank you so much Jenni it was a pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful tour and your understanding at me posting late was everything so thank you again xx

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  3. What a pleasure to be on your blog tour & so happy to have found your work! I’ll look forward to book three and beyond, and have already got book one lined up to read soon! Wishing you much success! xx


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