Waiting But Still Writing

I’ve been a naughty bunny and sadly neglected my blog of late. In my defence, I have been writing my little bunny tail off, and now have a completed first draft of Cupboard Love (my dual timeline romantic comedy) which has taken longer than anticipated. This is what happens when you throw a bit of history into your manuscript and have to research the Arts and Craft Movement of the late Victorian era. (Who knew the flipside to The Great Exhibition? Or that irregular fenestration could be so interesting?)

house bunting

I’ve also been busy job-hunting. We all know authors earn a pittance, but unpublished authors cannot live on Word documents alone, so I’m looking to move from part-time to full-time work. And at the moment, I can’t decide which is worse – not hearing back from a job application or not hearing back from an agent.

*cough* actually, that’s a total lie. We ALL know which is worse.

house bunting

But you know me? Ever the shiny, half-full optimist (unless the glass contains wine, then half-full is definitely NOT FULL ENOUGH).


So here’s what I’ve been up to

  • Finally sent off my RNA conference form – whoop! Can’t wait to meet some more of my many virtual RNA friends IRL
  • Embarked on another round of submissions for Lucy’s Locket on the back of my nearly yes from an agent
  • Editing this darn manuscript to within a millimetre of its life and ramping up the passion in Percy and Violet’s love story (they really need a slap and I’m the only one who can do it)
  • Planning to enter the Good Housekeeping novel competition with the new book, Cupboard Love, if I can rustle up a half-decent synopsis in time (keeping it fresh, girlfriend)
  • Teach myself Excel in the hopes it will improve my job prospects – yawn
  • Find a job
  • Get a book deal and fulfil a lifetime’s ambition…

But for now, it’s back to hipped roofs and knapped flint facades, as I return to my manuscript and give wishy-washy Violet a mighty injection of attitude.


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2 thoughts on “Waiting But Still Writing

  1. Haha. It’s simply windows of different shapes and sizes. So rather than having matching windows, many of the art and crafts architects mixed things up a bit!


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